Stephanie Mack September 13, 2022

Stephanie Mack

"I really enjoyed my experience here. These girls are funny lively and polite. I really appreciate them going the extra mile for me. I was very skeptical about getting my hair in a weave style. They made the atmosphere relaxed and light. Told me how to fix it and maintain it. I will return in 2 months and leave another review! THANK YOU LADIES!!!"
Tammi M. August 13, 2022

Tammi M.

"The two girls that worked on my hair were fast and the convo was good. they did exactly what I wanted with the hair I wanted and that was a nice I didn't have to go out and buy additional hair. They braided my hair from corner to corner and not a strand was left out which is perfect. I even got there early and they started on my hair immediately which was cool.definitely going there for my braids. It was worth what I paid $$$."
Krystal Key August 10, 2022

Krystal Key